CODE OF CONDUCT | 7 2.3. Observing the credit limit An internal credit limit is agreed for every customer by the finance department as part of a credit rating process. Potential interested parties or new customers must be disclosed to the finance department through a credit rating enquiry and a credit limit must be applied for them. Orders may only be accepted if they are covered by an available customer credit limit. Should the credit limit be exceeded, the finance department must be consulted before accepting the order and the next steps must be agreed. If no credit limit can be granted, orders may only be processed if appropriate securities are provided (prepayment, bank guarantee, etc.). Non-observance of this agreement is considered to be a deliberate violation of company interests. 2.4. Consumption of alcohol and drugs The consumption of alcohol during office hours including work breaks (in all company premises including restaurants / pubs) is forbidden. In exceptional circumstances moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages (excluding spirits) will be allowed during work breaks: To celebrate a promotion or a birthday of a colleague, after prior approval from a supervisor To celebrate a special occasion in the company pub, after prior approval from the General Operations Manager / the Board of Directors responsible Without exception the consumption of drugs is forbidden during office hours and work breaks. Employees who appear under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol in the workplace will be asked to leave. There will also be disciplinary consequences (formal warning, dismissal in the case of reoffending) for those employees who violate the alcohol and drug rule. In the interest of your health, we ask you to take responsibility and to avoid regular consumption of alcohol as well as to reject the use of drugs.