CODE OF CONDUCT | 4 1. Principles of our ethical conduct 1.1. Our core values We respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of our employees and colleagues as well as our business partners. Our workspaces are free of discrimination based on age, gender, sexuality, health, national origin as well as religious or cultural differences. Our employees are deserving mutual respect in the company. We reject any form of forced labour and child labour, as well as the exploitation of employees. The minimum age for employment at the WALTER GROUP is usually upon completion of vocational school. Proof of this completion must be demonstrated. We offer our employees a challenging, communicative and open working environment, which enables them to develop personally and professionally. We also pay attention to the development of social competences. In addition to comprehensive basic training we ensure that employees are able to undertake further subject-specific training. From our employees we expect loyalty towards the company, a high willingness to perform, as well as the motivation to undertake further personal development. Environmental protection, health protection and occupational safety are an integral part of our company culture. It is our social and societal responsibility to ensure that we: Carry out our activities in an environmentally-friendly manner Use resources such as energy and water responsibly Use our buildings and properties sustainably Offer our employees a risk-free and attractive working environment Encourage a healthy lifestyle and social cohesion