CODE OF CONDUCT | 11 5. Dealing with company property Our employees are encouraged to use company property such as office spaces and operating premises, office facilities, garages and car parks, all technical appliances such as computers, telephones, photocopiers, printers, software and other work facilities such as company cars, mobile phones or fuel cards carefully and exclusively for company purposes. Private use of tech- nical facilities and work appliances is permitted within reason and in accordance with Austrian trade usance and custom. 6. Handling information, data security and data protection All employees shall undertake to carry out an open, truthful and full exchange of relevant work information and knowledge in the company. This excludes information that is subject to strict confidentiality. We encourage our employees to bring up subjects or concerns in this context openly, without having to fear sanctions. The pledge to be discreet applies to trade secrets as well as confidential information. These must be used exclusively for business purposes and not forwarded to third parties. This obligation also applies upon termination of the employment contract. The WALTER GROUP handles employee data as well as customer and supplier data in strict confidentiality and with the greatest possible care and diligence. We capture and use customer and supplier data exclusively in order to process our customer orders reliably as per requirements. Data is gathered based on legal provisions. The WALTER GROUP data centres are equipped with an access control, and are protected to the highest possible state-of-the-art standard with burglar-proof doors, thick concrete, electrostati- cally dissipative floor coverings, early fire detection and gas extinguishing systems, a redundant electricity supply and air conditioning. Two separate data centres with parallel running systems ensure a failsafe implementation of customer orders as far as possible. Legal provisions regarding data protection are upheld when processing data. Each employee is obliged to comply with data protection stipulations as well as the internal data security regulations.