CODE OF CONDUCT | 10 4.4. Giving and accepting gifts Accepting or requesting inappropriate gifts, financial donations, provisions as well as any other advantages or favourable benefits is strictly forbidden. Fundamentally, gifts or invitations originating from our business decisions must not be used to influence. They must be appropriate to our business activity, must not violate any law in force and must comply with the general market practices of the industry or country. Non-observance of this stipulation is considered to be a deliberate violation of company interests. 4.5. Donations and sponsoring For decades, the WALTER GROUP has been supporting recognised social facilities and organi- sations with considerable donations. Selectively aided are: Social institutions, associations and social projects in local communities as well as in the Vienna and Kufstein area Vocational schools, colleges and universities Local sport and cultural events Local initiatives in local communities (children, young people, senior events) Furthermore, WALTER GROUP employees in emergency situations are also supported. No donations are issued to political organisations, parties or individuals. The decision regarding donations and sponsorship is made exclusively by the managing board.